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Perhaps that’s to evoke a sense of saudade, a uniquely Portuguese term for which the closest translation is a love that remains.

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His major work, Don Quixote, sometimes considered the first modern novel, In 1569, in forced exile from Castile, Cervantes moved to Rome, where he worked as chamber assistant of a cardinal.

Then he enlisted as a soldier in a Spanish Navy infantry regiment and continued his military life until 1575, when he was captured by Barbary pirates.

During the last nine years of his life, Cervantes solidified his reputation as a writer, publishing Novelas ejemplares (Exemplary Novels) in 1613, Viaje al Parnaso (Journey to Parnassus) in 1614, and Ocho comedias y ocho entremeses and the second part of Don Quixote in 1615.

His last work, Los trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda ("The Travails of Persiles and Sigismunda"), was published posthumously in 1617.

He started the project when working for the firm Pedra Líquida before going out on his own as Dep A, which stands for departamento arquitectura. The selling point for her, rather, was a light well, a coveted attribute in the dense and colorful jumble of Porto’s oldest quarter, along the river.

She was guided by the idea of contrast, juxtaposing an artisanal layer on an industrial foundation.In 1605, Cervantes was in Valladolid when the immediate success of the first part of his Don Quixote, published in Madrid, signalled his return to the literary world.In 1607, he settled in Madrid, where he lived and worked until his death.He worked as a purchasing agent for the Spanish Armada and later as a tax collector for the government.In 1597, discrepancies in his accounts for three years previous landed him in the Crown Jail of Seville.

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